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Ancient shamanism with a modern flavour

Shamanic Illumination (Approx. 1 hr)

Do you feel as though you have an emotional or spiritual issue or blockage, or that you keep going around in circles and can't just get on with your life? Perhaps you had a traumatic experience in your childhood or even in your adult life. Maybe you just feel fed up, anxious or like nothing good ever happens to you. You might feel like you are a victim of the circumstances of life and that your future is bleak. This is where an illumination session may be able to support you.Illumination sessions are carried out remotely via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp.

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Nutritional Therapy Consultation (Approx 1 hr)

If you feel like you have a lack of energy, poor immunity, or just feel as if you need advice with your diet, then a nutritional consultation is for you. 

Nutrition Consultations are carried out remotely via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp.  

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PEMF Therapy Session (1/2 hour)


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About me

I had my first spiritual awakening around the year 2008, having suffered from an anxiety disorder for 15-16 years. I had read Eckharte Tolle's The Power of Now and something shifted within me. I went on to learn Reiki and how to channel energy. Life circumstances, however quickly made me fall off the horse, and I did not go on to practise my new skills. I even turned to alcohol, drugs and gluttony as a means of escaping my reality.

A couple of years later I developed facial skin problems and was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. I was told that I must "manage" the symptoms for the rest of my life with facial creams. This was unacceptable to me and I looked to find another way. It led me to find my passion for natural health and healing, a passion I have had ever since. I brought my body back into balance through nutrition and herbal medicine and the problem subsided until it no longer existed.

Following a year's study of Anatomy and Physiology in 2014, I embarked on a 2 year diploma in Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, graduating in 2016, with the objective to help others who were unaware that they could also bring their bodies back into balance drug-free.

I wanted more strings to my bow as a therapist and decided I wanted to use energy medicine too, so I considered relearning my Reiki skills. I completed Reiki Level 3 in 2017, but I knew deep down that Reiki was not the energy medicine for me, but that there was something out there that was.

Since 2016 I spent a lot of time working on myself with the help of others and through plant medicines. I was astounded to find the suffering that still lived within me, stored up and resonating whenever a time or situation similar to negative experiences I had had before presented themselves to me. I noticed common "loops" in my life, history repeating again and again, that eventually stopped after I had worked on them, and this changed my life. On several occasions I could feel the darkness escaping my inner being as I purged out the baggage of years gone by. Carl Jung referred to these buried, unhealed parts of ourselves as "the shadow", and I have found shadow work fascinating ever since.

All of this led me into wanting to understand how I can help to heal the trauma in others. To access the same energetic space without the need for plant medicine, which sometimes makes it difficult for others to face all at once. 

In 2019 I enrolled at and completed Alberto Villoldo's Four Winds school to learn the ancient art of shamanic energy medicine passed down through Incan and Amazonian elders over the course of thousands of years.


Reiki Levels 1 & 2 (2008)

Diploma in Nutritional Therapy (2016) with the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Reiki Level 3 (2017)

Certified Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner (2019) with The Four Winds School.